Yoga Straps 10 FOOT (D-Ring) Made of 100% Best Durable Cotton

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  • Here are three main reasons people use our  Yoga straps. The first is actually for Yogic purposes. If you have trouble holding a yoga pose or have trouble "connecting" the appropriate limbs, our Yoga Strap will aid you greatly. Perfect for your Yoga Starter Sets.
  • The second most common use is just to increase your flexibility. For example, if you currently can't touch your finger to your toes, use our Yoga Strap to bridge the gap. Then over time, you can "walk" your hands closer to your feet until the point you can touch them completely without even using the strap.
  • The third use is probably the most important - for physical rehabilitation. This is why you're seeing yoga straps more and more in Physical Therapy settings. Just be sure to work through your own range of motion and never stretch to the point of pain.
  • Our 100% Cotton Fabric gives you extra grip and comfort , Makes you workout interesting
  • When you order your  "D- Ring Strap" today you're protected by our "Cheers" Lifetime guarantee - if you're not 100% satisfied with your Yoga Strap or if it doesn't hold up for you forever, we'll replace it free of charge - no questions asked. So order now!

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